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Fools Rush In: The Importance of Pre-Acquisition Due Diligance
Long before a deal is signed in ink, a company's compliance and legal team should be involved in the vetting process, writes Severin Wirz.
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Will the FDA's social media guidelines help your digital strategy to take off? Check out what they say — and what they mean— in the latest issue of Pharm Exec Global Digest
WebMD: The Patient Value Equation
WebMD CEO David Schlanger tells PharmExec how connecting patients with physicians through a robust digital platform can deliver quality of care, cost savings, and better health outcomes.

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The FDA Safety & Innovation Act (FDASIA) was signed into law two years ago. Where has the most progress been made in implementation?
Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
Expedited reviews of drug submissions
More stakeholder involvement
Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
Expedited reviews of drug submissions
More stakeholder involvement
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