Pharm Exec's Emerging Pharma Leaders 2016 — Last Chance to Nominate

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Alphabet’s Health Care Laundry List

When an 800-pound gorilla stakes a claim in an industry sector, the incumbents sit up and take notice—particularly when the gorilla is named Alphabet and is the parent company of Google. Cassie Arnold reports.

Who Will Win the Race to Treat NASH?

The liver disease non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) has become a priority for the healthcare industry – and, potentially, a multi-billion-dollar market. The race is now to develop the first effective pharmacotherapy to treat it.

New & Noteworthy

Closing the Gaps in Drug Chain of Custody

Limitations of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act for pharma—and three strategies to fix them.

Data Unleashed: Cooperation Among Competitors

Charting two years of collaborative progress in clinical trial data sharing.

Springtime for Pharma?

Even though pharma's “dark days” are fading away, the chill of the last few months will not soon be forgotten, writes Tom Norton.

Disclosure D-Day Draws Near In Europe

European pharma is bracing itself for EFPIA’s June deadline requiring the disclosure of transfer-of-value transactions make to HCPs.

Raising the Stakes On Value-Based Pricing

The importance of betting on outcomes, not simply risk sharing, when implementing pharma-payer arrangements.

Sales & Marketing

Twitter at 10: Prodigy or Problem Child?

Twitter, recently turned ten years old, has earned a seat at the top table of digital media. But exactly where it sits for marketers remains somewhat uncertain, writes Peter Houston.

The Digital Marketing Platforms That Will Stick Around

Peter Houston looks at the social and digital channels that look likely to still be here by the end of the year.

Branding: When One is Not Enough

Ram Subramanian and Dr. Rehan Baqri discuss the power of a second brand in the evolving global healthcare market.

Featured E-Books


Securing the Global Supply Chain: Strategies for Operational Excellence

Strategic management of the supply chain is vital to winning with customers. Cost and quality are important, but they are not the only things customers care about: New services, flexibility in  relationships, supply reliability, and creatively overcoming obstacles in delivery of products are also core values. Pharmaceutical product portfolios and customers are becoming more complex. To stay ahead, customer-focused supply-chain capabilities is becoming an increasingly crucial part of a company’s competitive advantage. Visit the resource center.


The Changing Contours of Drug Commercialization

"The Changing Contours of Drug Commercialization," a new e-book from the editors of Pharmaceutical Executive, sheds light on solutions and strategies uniquely within a manufacturer's own sphere of control that can help navigate the often unforgiving transition from registration to the real-world battle for clinical acceptance and market share. Visit the resource center.  


Patient-Centric Approach to Product Commercialization

The industry's much talked-about patient-centered approach requires more than lip-service and organizational redesigns. In order for the patient to emerge center stage in a commercial approach, it's necessary for manufacturers to shift prioritization's to help the greatest number of patients gain access and remain on treatments.


The Path To Market Access: Winning Strategies To Build Value With Payers

Success in today’s rapidly changing market access world depends on understanding your product’s value through the eyes of payers and shaping crucial value communication around the needs of market access stakeholders as much as it does on developing solid evidence of the value of your product.



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Pharma Under Fire for Driving "Opioid Abuse Epidemic"

Policymakers seek to limit prescribing while also encouraging innovative R&D.

Facebook’s New Algorithm: Attention, Engagement and World Domination

Facebook is the number one social-media network for businesses. Peter Houston asks, How can pharma stay relevant in the feed?

Europe: What Price Medicines? The Subject That Won't Go Away

The dilemma continues: Which medicines should Europe's health systems pay for – and how much should they pay?

ACP’s Drug Cost Paper Ignores Economic Reality

The American College of Physicians has chimed in on the debate surrounding prescription drug costs, offering its views for stemming the escalation.


HBA's Woman of the Year 2016

Pharm Exec profiles Roche’s Jennifer Cook, this year’s winner of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Woman of the Year award.

Information in Action: DIA's Barbara Lopez Kunz

William Looney speaks with DIA's Global Chief Executive to see how the organization is repositioning itself.

Deeper Than Skin: LEO Pharma's Dermatology Drive

LEO Pharma CEO Gitte Aabo talks to PE about issues pertinent to dermatology.

Meeting the Multi-Channel Marketing Challenge

Novartis's Panos Papakonstantinou says pharma still needs to perfect its approach to multi-channel marketing.

Trusting Value, Valuing Trust

Pharm Exec talks value-based healthcare with Professor Bengt Jönsson of the Stockholm School of Economics.

Target: Pharma — Rooting Out Corruption

Anti-corruption NGO Transparency International now has pharma in its sights. Pharm Exec speaks to TI's Sophie Peresson.


Pharma Under Fire for Driving "Opioid Abuse Epidemic"

Policymakers seek to limit prescribing while also encouraging innovative R&D.

Europe: What Price Medicines? The Subject That Won't Go Away

The dilemma continues: Which medicines should Europe's health systems pay for – and how much should they pay?

UK: Industry Likely to Pay for NICE Technology Appraisals

NICE's notion to charge the industry for its technology appraisals looks set to become reality, writes Leela Barham.

From the Editor

The Odd Couple

The challenges facing the ad industry and big Pharma are remarkably similar—a point driven home by four distinct themes discussed at this year's 4A's Transformation conference.

Data Disclosure: Sealing the Error Envelope

With the emerging industry commitment to publicly disclose research and clinical trial results, two pivotal issues come to mind, writes William Looney.

Morgan Moments: A Closer Reading of the JP Morgan Investor Conference

William Looney identifies three areas where the insular, often maladroit tone of the industry-investor dialogue may be morphing to something more grounded in the larger societal context of healthcare.

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