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Jun 03, 2008
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To find out what was happening at healthcare agencies at this crucial point in time for the industry, we interrogated 25 executives at some of the nation's most successful agencies and networks. We didn't want to know about their campaigns, or even about their agencies per se (that information can be found on their Web sites, listed here). What we wanted was their insights into the rapidly changing landscape of pharma marketing.

Click a name to read more about each executive:

Ben Begasse Jr., Concentric Healthcare
Risa Bernstein, Flashpoint Medica
Jay Bigelow, MicroMass Communications
Ross Bruno, Hellman
Nick Colucci, Publicis Healthcare Group
Scot Cotherman, Corbett Accel Healthcare Group
Phil Deschamps, GSW Worldwide
Anne Devereux, LyonHeart
Garnett Dezember, Navicor Group
Robert Finkel, Kane & Finkel Healthcare Communications
Fabio Gratton, Ignite
Paul Harris, Stratagem Healthcare
Kerry Hilton, HC&B Healthcare
Randy Isaacson, Williams-Labadie
Kristin Keller, Compass Healthcare Communications
Michael McLinden, Mc/K Healthcare
Richard T. Minoff, Dorland Global Corporation
Barclay Missen, Topin & Associates
Mike Myers, Palio Communications
Bruce Nicoll, S&R Communications Group
Steve Rothman, CCG Metamedia
Dale Taylor, AbelsonTaylor
Alexandra vonPlato, Digitas Health
Steve West, Cambridge BioMarketing
Stephen Wray, Cadient Group

Click for the list of questions asked to each executive

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