AgencyRx for Novartis's Femara

Mar 01, 2009


BRAND Femara CLIENT Novartis Oncology FROM LEFT: Michael Schreiber, managing partner, creative director, copy; Sarah Katz, art supervisor; Ralph Skorge, managing partner, creative director, art; Pamela Ringstrom, copy supervisor

In its campaign for Novartis Oncology's Femara, an aromatase inhibitor (AI), AgencyRx developed simple and haunting creative by keeping science as the focal point. "Its simplicity is very powerful. But at the same time, simplicity doesn't belittle it," says Michael Schreiber, managing partner, creative director. "It makes it that much more devastating."

The goal was to raise awareness about distant metastases and illustrate how cancer that originates in the breast can travel. "We wanted to make sure that doctors understood the nature of breast cancer and the importance of therapy that would reduce the risk of a distant recurrence," says Schreiber. "We created this very stark, attention-grabbing message."

The ad underscored Femara's unique benefits—a must to compete against the market leader in the category. Originally created as a one-time ad, "This is..." used iconic imagery to form the basis of a new global professional campaign for Femara. Aimee Roca, vice president, account supervisor, credits response of the Novartis Oncology team and physicians for the ad's global success.

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