Mar 03, 2016
Clinical trials are challenging because pain is subjective, making it hard to define objective endpoints or to compare one drug to another.
Mar 01, 2016
Bruno Villetelle discusses how Japanese companies like Takeda have begun to digitize in order to care for the country's aging population.
Feb 29, 2016
Anti-corruption NGO Transparency International now has pharma in its sights. Pharm Exec speaks to TI's Sophie Peresson.
Feb 26, 2016
FDA needs to make major changes in how it evaluates R&D of new combination therapies for cancer and other serious conditions, say patient advocates, cancer specialists and biopharma companies.
Feb 25, 2016
After eight years in development, FDA is looking to expand its Sentinel system to play a more visible role in assessing medical product efficacy, as well as safety.
Feb 18, 2016
Arvind Mani and Sherry O' Quinn outline the prevalence of private payer PLAs in Canada.
Feb 11, 2016
Vaccine R&D has grown exponentially in recent years, spurred by ethical and medical needs to combat lethal infectious outbreaks and increased funding from public and private agencies and organizations.
Feb 09, 2016
Pharmaceutical Executive
Patent litigator Traci Medford-Rosow's story challenges the idea that the route to the top, as Pfizer’s SVP and chief IP counsel, is paved by right background and connections.
Feb 08, 2016
Pharmaceutical Executive
Emerging country market-access experts from McKinsey & Co. sit down with Pharm Exec to discuss next-level strategies needed to build sustainable local businesses that maximize patient access to the product portfolio.
Feb 05, 2016
Pharm Exec talks to Jane Griffiths, Company Group Chairman, Janssen EMEA, about how the relationship between industry and patients is maturing.
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