Apr 01, 2016
Pharmaceutical Executive
How do you really know if your co-pay program is working? Figuring ROI seems straightforward. But Paul LeVine, Vice President of Analytic Services for TrialCard Market Access Solutions thinks the calculus might require a deeper look than is traditionally given as he explained at the 2nd Annual Coupon and Co-Pay Strategy Summit in Philadelphia in February.
Mar 16, 2016
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The U.S. has been among the most sought-after pharmaceutical markets in the world for decades. But accessing this enormous market is not easy. Not only must entrants gain marketing approval from the Food and Drug Administration, they must also ensure access to patients by gaining prescriber and payer acceptance. Meeting the combined challenges of marketing approval, payer acceptance, assured reimbursement and access to patients is the result of a studied and deliberate approach to product development and launch. This studied approach is particularly important in rare disease product categories with low numbers of patients, high development costs and managed care plans focused on controlling spend.
Mar 10, 2016
Pharmaceutical Executive
Darryl Williams, Head of Global MDM and Platform Solutions, Health Care, for LexisNexis Risk Solutions discussed the impact of Big Data in the Life Sciences with Fierce Markets on December 8, 2015. This white paper is an expansion of the discussion exploring how and why big data will have a big impact on Life Sciences in 2016 and beyond.
Feb 23, 2016
Pharmaceutical Executive
Medication adherence is a broadly recognized problem that affects patients worldwide. While the magnitude of nonadherence depends on the drugs and the specific patient population, the World Health Organization reports that 50 percent of patients do not take medications as prescribed on a global basis. A novel framework that distinguishes different phases of nonadherence and promotes specific strategies that are appropriate to each phase promises to improve adherence, improve clinical outcomes and reduce overall healthcare spending.
Feb 16, 2016
Pharmaceutical Executive
From a patient perspective, hub services can often be a lifeline to managing complicated, chronic conditions. Creating a solution that supports patients who rely on “middle-ground” specialty medications is a necessity for an area that is becoming a larger part of the overall pharmaceutical landscape.
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