Apr 24, 2018
Pharmaceutical Executive
This blog post focuses on digital process automation challenges of PV Intake, with an emphasis on the elements required to fully process an ICSR and influence upstream adverse event case processing (AECP) through the application of digital automation.
Apr 23, 2018
Jin Zhang discusses the research and development of several major biologics in China.
Apr 10, 2018
Pharmaceutical Executive
This op-ed discusses the varying skills that business leaders should look at in scientists when thinking about talent for the lab and the executive suite.
Apr 09, 2018
Pharmaceutical Executive
Pharma's evolving landscape in recent years has created the need to recruit experts from outside of industry—and establish new pathways for traditional executive roles in the life sciences.
Apr 09, 2018
Pharmaceutical Executive
Looking at the balance of optimism and caution discussed at eyeforpharma Barcelona around pharma’s embrace of AI.
Apr 07, 2018
Jin Zhang looks at how China's CART-T therapy race is heating up.
Apr 04, 2018
Leela Barham reviews the Institute for Clinical Effectiveness Review's announced pilot program, which allow manufacturers to scrutinize executable versions of draft cost-effectiveness models.
Apr 04, 2018
FDA is moving slowly in liberalizing off-label communications amid outrage over opioid promotion. Jill Wechsler reports.
Mar 31, 2018
In terms of important clinical benefits and outcomes, modern biotech products have rarely shown the advantages of older generations of drugs, writes Bagrat Lalayan.
Mar 21, 2018
Looking back at the agenda of a 1985 EFPIA conference, Reflector sees that, three decades on, the European drug industry is still seeking a pill for its own ills.
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