May 12, 2017
Pharmaceutical Executive
Past Lilly president and D.C. insider discusses some of the critical topics facing the U.S. healthcare industry.
May 04, 2017
Pharmaceutical Executive
Recent PR disasters in other industries raise an important reputational question that can apply to pharma as well: do you want to be someone that works the system or improves the system?
May 04, 2017
Pharmaceutical Executive
Payers and pharma companies seek outcomes data for evidence-based reimbursement deals.
May 01, 2017
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Recognizing the need for increasing employee engagement without risking information overload, here are three tips for internal communications to connect and empower employees.
Apr 24, 2017
The external reference pricing circus has rolled back into town, promising another great European show. The fight-back comes via one of Europe's most obscure bodies, the European Integrated Price Information Database—better known as Euripid.
Apr 21, 2017
While technology is already impacting the pharma industry, automation and the Internet of things (IoT) will intensify over the next two years, and those companies that experiment and embrace it will have a “dramatic and competitive advantage.”
Apr 18, 2017
The Innovation Scorecard was developed to track compliance with NICE Technology Appraisals. Leela Barham reviews its latest update.
Apr 07, 2017
Curing cancer is not an impossibility anymore. Essential to any effort to achieve this will be the policies coming from President Trump’s administration, writes James Nathanielsz.
Apr 06, 2017
Pharmaceutical Executive
Two topics in Pharm Exec this month—rare disease research and women in healthcare leadership—share a "common" thread.
Apr 04, 2017
Pharmaceutical Executive
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
The EMA released the revised Module V- Risk Management Systems (Rev 2) of Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GVP) (EMA/838713/2011 Rev 2) accompanied by a revised Guidance on the format of the risk management plan (RMP) in the EU.
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