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The Big Business of Boosting Performance

April 1, 2011

Dutch-based DSM N.V. is seeking innovatinve ways to partner through bolstering manufacturing

Understanding the New World Order of Emerging Markets

June 17, 2009

Pharma is wrestling to understand the emerging markets will be the engine of growth for future sales.

Grim Outlook For UK Biotech Industry

March 11, 2009

It could be the end of the road for the UK's biotech firms if drastic action isn't taken soon.

Back Page: While You Were Working

August 1, 2006

Do you remember where you were when Mevacor was approved? OK, what was on the radio at the time?

Marketing to Professionals: Deep Impact

July 1, 2006

When a company builds a MSL department, it should be viewed as a long-term investment strategy rather than a short-term fix.

Alternative Media: More than Just Cartoons

July 1, 2006

Whether you're gay or straight, or African-American, white or Hispanic, we knew that we have an audience that is very diverse and experiences the disease in very different ways. Telling the stories in serial format was best.

Back Page: Soft Serve, Hard Lessons

July 1, 2006

At first glance, you might think Bob Miglani comes from a pharma family. He and both of his younger sisters began their careers as sales reps after college. But behind their success in big business lie formative experiences at the Dairy Queen stores owned by their uncle and parents, who are immigrants from India. Even today, Miglani, whose fulltime job is in Pfizer's public affairs department, spends some weekends serving cones at the family business. In his new book, Treat Your Customers: Thirty Lessons on Service and Sales That I Learned at My Family's Dairy Queen Store (Hyperion, 2006), Miglani, 36, shares the core values that work in small business and corporate America.

Opinion: CARE for Mental Illness

July 1, 2006

California has proposed legislation for a pilot program to reinforce access to treatment for mentally ill offenders. This is a step in the right direction, but it should be the subject of national policy, not a localized effort.

Thoughtleader: Deborah Dunsire, Millennium

July 1, 2006

Figuring out the right drug for each manifestation of the disease is going to be critical. Because then patients know they're getting something that works.


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