Convergent Branding

Jun 01, 2011

Edward Cowen, Partner, Brand Strategy | The CementBloc
The old marketing saw: "There's never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over" no longer applies.

Today, you can't even begin to think about an HCP campaign without considering the payer and patient. HCPs, patients, and payers tell us again and again that by and large they are happy with generics for most chronic conditions, and that cost is the #1 factor influencing prescribing decisions.

In 2010 all 10 of the top 10 prescribed drugs were generic. Consequently, positioning based solely on "newness" is a non-starter. In fact, it may be a deal-breaker since today the concept of Now Announcing Amazing New is primarily associated with fear of unknown risk. As a result, positioning a first-in-class product must focus not only on the product's unique MOA, but also the benefit to patients and payers in terms of real-life outcomes.

A launch success is no longer determined by HCP positioning alone. We need to invest in convergent branding across all stakeholders, in areas such as:
  • Disease education, to establish unmet needs
  • Selling platforms that focus specifically on how the brand is the solution to a problem
  • Engagement strategies that allow us to communicate with customers in ways that work for them

Convergent branding allows marketers to realize the full potential of their promotional spend. They no longer have to reinvent campaigns for various audiences who are less and less likely to be truly separate anyway. And when you have an ever-decreasing, finite period of time to launch a first-in-class brand, the value of convergent branding can be immeasurable.

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