Corbett for Alcon's Vigamox

Mar 01, 2009


BRAND Vigamox CLIENT Alcon FROM LEFT: Eric Loeb, group creative director; Jaime Goldman, senior account director; Peg Gill, copywriter; Cassie Zablotney, account supervisor; Terry Barich, art director; Christina HIllestad, senior project director; Emily Deming, account executive

To convey how quickly Alcon's Vigamox resolves pink eye, Corbett Worldwide Healthcare Communications turned to a universally understood icon—the pink eraser—and leveraged it to make the brand stand out in the competitive market.

The resulting creative used the school-related item to convey how Vigamox could "erase" the disease, and used the word "pink" and the color to link Vigamox to the condition. But what really makes the ad stand out is the childlike illustration style, which puts Vigamox in the world of the pink-eye patients whom doctors see most often.

This deceptively simple concept led to many highly engaging tactics, all using the iconic pink eraser. The two-page medical journal ad took first place in its category at the 2008 Doctor's Choice Awards and was voted most creative at Corbett's 2007 Gallery Awards, an in-house celebration of the agency's best work.

Robin Shapiro, executive vice president, chief creative officer, credits the Corbett team's success with this campaign to the company's unusual philosophy. "Our strategy is to encourage a healthy collision of consumer and pharma talent. We believe that the integration of consumer brand-building expertise with pharma experience enables us to create powerful branding campaigns built around strong scientific insight."

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