Country Report: Singapore

The Little Red Dot That Did
Jan 01, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

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"Status" by Jane Lee
Thousands have followed Tom Waits' "we sail tonight for Singapore" beckoning call.

Today, Singapore is the second most densely populated country on the planet (after only Monaco,) with a population of over five million in 435 square miles.

Ranging from the quaint—Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urging Singaporeans to procreate—to the ascetic—a hard-line legal system where capital punishment is allowed—the government blankets the city-state. Occasionally, it is difficult to decipher whether its denizens are living in a contemporary "1984," which has managed to convince the rest of the world of its superiority, or whether an administration can really be so cohesive and so responsive that the public's universal woes are eradicated.

Keat Chuan Yeo, Executive Director Singapore Economic Development Board
So call it an Orwellian-esque tale, "Asia-light", as it is called by excited greenhorns and haughty expats alike, or the Silicon Valley of the East. In under 50 years, Singapore has managed to develop a knowledge-based economy. For the seventh consecutive year it has been awarded the best business environment by the World Bank and currently ranks as the 4th highest GDP per capita.

Most executives across the pharmaceutical industry agree—Singapore does not represent any question marks in the future. Furthermore, Singapore's location is ideal for reaching markets east, west, north and south, which form the powerhouse that is Asia Pacific.

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