Creating Customer Value: New Horizons on the Managed Markets Journey

Mar 01, 2011

The transformative landscape of US health reform presents a significant challenge to the traditional managed market organization within Big Phama. The basic task of demonstrating value to the customer is now more complex than simply obtaining a formulary listing at an acceptable cost. Today, what matters most is pursuing a problem-solving "health solutions" approach, in which the medicine is only one factor in a broader nexus of relationships with the customer. In a nutshell, it's all about making partnerships more productive in terms of the commercial results.

Although most companies recognize the current disconnect in addressing market change, internal efforts to respond are posting mixed results. Why? Complacency may be one reason. Executing a fundamental redesign in the approach to managed markets is not an exercise in tinkering. The goal is not to marginally increase effectiveness, but to commit to building an organization that can solve customer problems and create business-to-business (B2B) partnerships for mutual advantage. This will require the managed care market team to assume more of a leadership role inside the company, coordinate cross-functional solutions, and obtain appropriate funding and resources. Both the organization's external focus and internal dynamics must evolve—and the faster the better. There's much more to it than manipulating an organizational chart or moving a few bodies around.

Managed Markets and Healthcare Reform: Ready for Change?

Competency Priorities Today and Tomorrow
Healthcare reform will establish state-run exchanges where individual consumers can purchase health insurance. This creates daunting challenges for payers. Should they participate? Can they keep up with frequent changes on a state-by-state basis? Do they have the right lineup of drugs? Can they accurately assess risk? A managed markets organization that can help address these questions not only will create value, but in doing so will strengthen the company's position and influence.

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