Engage the Physician!

Mar 01, 2011
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

Scientific progress and process improvements in healthcare management are finally converging to seed the elusive promise of personalized medicine, where genomics-based screening, diagnosis, and targeted drug therapies directed to patients with a complementary clinical profile promise to deliver superior health outcomes at lower cost. Capturing these benefits still depends on how well pharmaceutical companies navigate one additional hurdle: motivating the physician to use these new tools as a routine element of clinical practice.

This requires a good understanding of how physicians are likely to react to the many options in personalized medicine. Armed with such information, companies can better register the opportunities and quantify the risk—maximizing the ultimate return on their investment.

With that goal in mind, Pharm Exec asked CAHG, a healthcare communications firm, to present the findings of a comprehensive study of 801 US specialty and primary care physicians covering some 120 questions, all built around the following central theme: Now that genomics, molecular diagnostics, and targeted therapies are in a position to enhance the standard of care for patients, how much do physicians really know about implementing them in a way that is likely to achieve the intended results?

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