Farewell Harry!

Jan 01, 2001
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

When Harry Schwartz joined Pharmaceutical Executive for its inaugural issue in January 1981, he had already written 19 books and was well-known for his medical-related writings in the New York Times and other publications. Every month since then, without fail, he has faithfully supplied his At Large column, with its far-ranging analysis and commentary on political and business trends that affect the industry. Every magazine changes over time, and now a series of changes has brought an end to that distinguished, 20-year-long contribution.

This month, we mark the retirement of At Large to make room for new editorial features we believe will improve our service to readers. We are deeply indebted to Harry Schwartz for his valuable work over the years, and we know many readers will miss his staunch arguments in defense of the industry's interests. Soon a new column, At Issue, will offer a greater opportunity for others to speak on vital industry issues. We invite our readers to contribute their thoughts and ideas for that feature by contacting our managing editor, Judy Sawyer, directly.

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