Finance Programme for Senior Executives

Dec 03, 2010
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Prioritise Development Projects and Deliver Shareholder Value

The Oxford Finance Programme for Senior Executives is for directors and board members from technical backgrounds who are involved in strategic business planning. This practical one week delivers the insight and confidence to identify which strategic business projects to invest in, retain or divest.

The week is led by Professor Alan Morrison who consistently receives excellent feedback from  executives for his punchy and dynamic presentation style which conveys material clearly in an energetic and humorous delivery that ensures participants are thoroughly engaged and learning throughout. High  profile guest practitioners provide further include insight, including planning and integrating acquisitions at Vodafone, and the Head of Corporate Governance from the Institute of Directors. Leading investment managers and banks demonstrate how they calculate values of major projects, appraise businesses for investment, and achieve successful mergers and acquisitions.

Participants learn as part of an experienced international peer group, and build their ongoing network as a member of the Oxford Business Alumni.

Please see or contact [email protected] to request a full timetable, brochure and article by programme director Professor Alan Morrison on Shareholder Wealth Maximisation. 

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