Flashpoint Medica for Indevus Pharmaceuticals's Supprelin LA

Mar 01, 2009


Flashpoint Medica
BRAND Supprelin LA CLIENT Indevus Pharmaceuticals FROM LEFT: Steve Frederick, evp, creative director; Shannon Fitzgerald, senior account executive; Helen Appelbaum, partner, chief operating officer; Kerry Baker, svp, associate creative director

Flashpoint Medica's "Little girl, big shoes" campaign was used to portray the problem of central precocious puberty for the launch of Supprelin LA from Indevus Pharmaceuticals. Little girls often play "dress up," but this condition makes them grow up too quickly. The marketing challenge was to convince physicians that a once-yearly implant to suppress hormones was preferred to painful monthly injections.

The series of feet-focused ads captures the essence of childhood freedom and playfulness, while conveying the message that Supprelin LA provides "a year of nonstop childhood." From a branding perspective, the strong use of the color pink conveyed that the condition primarily affects young girls.

"In pediatrician journals, you see a lot of faces. We wanted to stand out," says Steve Frederick, executive vice president, creative director. "Our whole imagery was centered on driving home the sense of freedom that a child feels when partaking in different activities."

The campaign has resonated with healthcare professionals and parents of children with this condition, as well as other key stakeholders and Indevus sales reps.

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