Frank X. Powers, DUDNYK

Jun 03, 2009
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

Frank X. Powers


Frank X. Powers
What can change is what advertisers depict in many of the DTC ads for serious health-threatening conditions: the happy patient. Perhaps the actual creative content could more accurately reflect life and what patients face, both from a medical and financial standpoint.

I expect that the recent FDA rebuke will result in an increase in unbranded promotions and programs; more focused on disease and condition education rather than just brand awareness. This is good news for both patients and healthcare professionals, who will find better tools and resources to assist them in successful treatment outcomes. This presents a terrific opportunity for pharmaceutical marketers to leverage digital for its greatest strengths—the ability to truly engage consumers with deeper, more valuable content than they can provide through other promotional channels. Think of promotions like Wyeth's or Novartis' Ideally, pharma marketers will integrate digital educational tools into a multi-touchpoint approach, building brand awareness through broadcast and print, while providing valuable educational resources through digital, both online as well as in the office.

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