GSW Worldwide for MGI Pharma/Eisai's PONV

Mar 01, 2009


GSW Worldwide
BRAND Market education for PONV CLIENT MGI Pharma/Eisai FROM LEFT: (Seated): Sean Cowan, creative director, digital wave; Kristan Early, vice president, creative director; (Standing): Dean Tepper, senior vice president, group creative director; Seth Quillin, senior vice president, digital operations

To educate anesthesiologists that post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is "no fun for anyone," GSW Worldwide created, a "non-amusement" that highlights the need for MGI Pharma's 72-hour antiemetic Aloxi. The team unveiled the unmistakable (yet unbranded) site before the drug's March 2008 launch. "Creatively, we gave WoozyWorld a darker, tongue-in-cheek edge," says Sean Cowan, creative director, digital wave. They drew inspiration from the retail industry—which is more forward-looking than the pharmaceutical space—to create great, engaging content.

WoozyWorld includes information on the very real consequences of patients' post-operative side effects—with the goal to "make [anesthesiologists] care a little bit longer." "When patients undergo anesthesia, all anesthesiologists really care about is the first 24 hours after surgery," says Kristan Early, vice president, creative director. "Once patients are discharged, anesthesiologists feel their job is done. But in reality, a patient can still become sick once they arrive home or even days later."

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