Health Care Helper

Dec 01, 2001

Faced with shrinking budgets and growing health insurance costs, employers are evaluating their options for covering employee premiums in 2002. Vitality Communications' Health Care Buyer, a guidebook for employers, may help the process with A to Z resources such as formulary lists and state-by-state HMO directories.

"Our mission is to educate employers about their healthcare options, including tips on saving money and makingthe most of your pharmaceutical budget," says Tracy Mabe, publisher. "We try to get the point across that pharmaceuticals can help lower overall medical costs."

The book, which presently covers only Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, will launch a national edition in January. Mabe notes that employer response to the guides as well as publishing giant Staywell's purchase of the company allowed the publication to expand its coverage.

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