How to Lose the E-Snooze

Apr 03, 2008
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

E-meetings are suffering. And suffering the most are the people who have to endure them. Once a novel, cost-efficient, and savvy alternative to off-site meetings, e-meetings or web-conferencing (which supports a significant meeting event, as opposed to a conference call) has become, in far too many cases, a ho-hum experience—or worse.

The mistake is confusing convenience with ease. Planning an e-meeting may not involve complicated travel logistics, but, in truth, it is no less complicated to launch. And in many ways, it might even be more challenging.

Meeting planners may well agree that e-meetings need to be organized differently to hold the attention of remote participants. They might even agree there's a need to add interest by using multimedia more effectively and to foster interaction by using advanced web-conference features.

But what exactly does it entail? And how do you go about making it part of your best meeting practices? Here are eight things to do that will make a difference:

Dont be boring

Edit PowerPoint slide sets

Slow down and talk clearly

Get everyone involved

Dazzle with brilliance

Set the stage

Kill the glitches

Work your plan

None of the above rules guarantee a memorable, engaging e-meeting. As anyone who plans meetings—virtual or offsite—knows, there are too many variables to be able to make promises. Still, by employing them, you are doing your attendees a favor. You are helping them feel connected and stimulated while achieving your communications goals.

Bill Cooney is founder and CEO of MedPoint Communications. He can be reached at

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