ICC for Sanofi Pasteur's TravelWise Program

Mar 01, 2009


BRAND TravelWise Program CLIENT Sanofi Pasteur AT RIGHT: Chet Moss, executive vice president, chief creative officer NOT PICTURED: Karen Neale, writer; Suzanne Elward, art director

The last thing on the mind of an adventurous traveler is a pre-trip immunization, which, consequently, is not top-of-mind for their healthcare providers, either. The work of ICC for Sanofi Pasteur helped deepen the necessary dialogue and increase awareness of the need for vaccination when traveling to many far-off lands through the use of classic souvenir postcards from more than 50 years ago.

The campaign embraced multiple tactics all predicated on the visual parody of the postcards. "The marketing challenge was to get people to pay attention to these insidious diseases lurking in foreign lands, and to ramp up the discussion between healthcare provider and traveler," notes Chet Moss, executive vice president, chief creative officer of ICC. "It was done in a warm and approachable way."

Each card was driven by the same call to action: "Be Aware...Prepare!" Yet each advertisement features a surprising twist. For instance, expecting to see Yellowstone National Park on the postcard, the airbrushed message reveals another possible destination: Yellow Fever. "You can't help but pay attention," says Moss. "You take common ground and put a twist on it...and that's what great advertising is about."

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