Innovation Excellence Workshop

Sep 10, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

Innovation Excellence is a unique application of lean kaizen methodologies and personal coaching. It frees up capacity for innovative research, fosters ownership and significantly enhances the output of your research and innovation teams. It has the goal to improve current work processes in research and development but also life cycle management to increase efficiency. Together with ICH Q8 elements like Quality by Design, Innovation Excellence has to be seen as an overarching paradigm and an interdisciplinary approach across the product development lifecycle. It also systematically emphasises enhanced product throughout the product lifecycle.

Applying a management style that focuses on the process of learning, the art of continuous and scientific research can create a physical as well as a social environment where innovation can flourish.

The Workshop Innovation Excellence , which is also supported by an FDA speaker, will apply continuous improvement tools to help you gain the right knowledge. It will therefore give you a fresh view on how to make your research and development more efficient, faster and customer focused. For that purpose the training is filled with real life examples and exercises on how to:

  • eliminate waste from day to day processes
  • improve the innovative strength
  • create learning directed management and
  • shape a culture of continuous improvement.

To provide you the maximum benefit the Workshop is a mix of theoretic foundation and exercises.

For further information please see

European Compliance Academy (ECA)
[email protected]

Event date: October 30, 2012 - October 31, 2012, Berlin, Germany

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