Interaction Education

Apr 01, 2002

Sage Publications launched Integrative Cancer Therapies, a professional journal focusing on evidence-based alternative, experimental, and traditional non-Western medical practices, and how best to integrate them into patients' lives. Published quarterly and edited by Keith Block, MD, medical and scientific director of the Institute for Integrative Cancer Care, the journal targets physicians and nurses in the oncology field, pharmacists, and informed patients.

Although consumers are using OTC supplements and nutraceuticals more than ever, they have little information about how those products interact with standard cancer treatments. Integrative Cancer Therapies aims to fill that void by providing practical guidance and models for integrating complementary and conventional treatments in clinical practice.

Currently, the publication reports only 70 subscribers, but Tina Papatsos, Sage Publications' senior marketing manager for journals marketing, expects that number to grow to 2,000–3,000 within the next five years. "Once people understand that the journal is not a touchy, feely kind of thing-and that it is based on scientifically sound practices-that number will pick up."

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