Introduction: Turning The Battleship Around

Nov 03, 2007

So, You Want to Hire a Consultant
IMAGINE: YOU ARE THE CEO of a top pharmaceutical company. For years business has been good, very good. You've produced important, blockbuster drugs. Big profits are predicted for the industry in the future ($1.3 trillion by 2020). Only problem is, your current business model is not sustainable. Change, or lose out.

As a solution, you are thinking of hiring someone new. Someone who not only can navigate tricky waters, but also aid in turning the ship around altogether.

Sure enough, the perfect candidate presents herself. Remarkably, she has worked for many of your competitors. While she is admirably discreet about these companies, she is a fund of insider information. Of course, her expertise does not come cheap, but she's not interested in stock options, or bonuses, or even an annual salary. Who is this dream candidate? A consultant.

Top consultants possess one thing in common: the ability to think independently. So, what are these consultants thinking? Pharmaceutical Executive's CONSULTANTS CONFIDENTIAL interviewed 23 of the best. Their responses are divergent, insightful, and their advice free85for now. And since this issue is about the industry's future (present tense), we've included a story about a consultancy in a virtual world. Welcome to the twilight zone.

And finally, we offer here invaluable advice on hiring a consultant from a consultant. Who else would know best?

—Marylyn Donahue
Special Projects Editor

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