Jun 03, 2009

Joe Daley


Joe Daley
Waste is actually inherent in the very question. We manage investment decisions in silos. Our teams (client/agency team) are traditionally aligned functionally, or by communication channels, or by business segments, or by whatever the niche of the day happens to be. Many clients have functional experts, whether it's PR, medical education, e-marketing, etc. Some clients have strategic marketing separated from tactical marketing (the latter taking the form of marcom-like functions). At the end of the day you have tribes, some frequently not on the same "brand" page. Take the most talented, best marketers, but if you put them in different rooms and ask them as a team to paint a picture of a single apple, the results will not cohere.

On the top line, waste is created by not leveraging a single brand experience, through fewer tactics, synergistically connected, and strategically driven through channels likely to reach a target audience. ?On the bottom line, it's needless investment in disconnected tactical ideas, and redundancy of functions/people, among other redundancies.

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