Keep Compliance Top of Mind

There is never a lack of legal or regulatory issues to keep track of—and worry about—in the life sciences industry. The articles from Pharmaceutical Executive provide a look at the latest in compliance for marketing, labeling, and export control, as well as offer tips to stay compliant in the coming years.

Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Marketer's Perspective

By Kristina Dolan

Interacting with HCPs is fraught with compliance challenges. This article takes a deep dive the implications of compliance for marketers in a world where new technologies being created every day.

Compliance Regulations in the Trump Era

By Michaeline Daboul

Even though uncertainty still exists with Trump’s presidency, current laws will remain intact for the time being. That’s why having a strong compliance strategy in place is the safest bet for all life sciences companies. This article reviews the top of compliance for pharma to be on the look out for.

Minimizing Liability with Export Control Compliance

By Eric McClafferty and Brooke Ringel

The risk of non-compliance with export controls, and the associated civil and criminal penalties, are very real given the sensitive and global nature of the biopharmaceutical industry’s work. This article outlines steps companies should take to ensure compliance with export controls.

Compliance and Consistency with FDA Required Labeling

By Ruth Trzcienski

This article provides an overview of the Procedural Guidance from the FDA “Medical Product Communications That are Consistent with the FDA Required Labeling,”released early this year. In addition to providing a list of three factors manufacturers should use to determine if product communications are consistent with the FDA-required labeling, FDA clarifies what is meant by information consistent with the FDA-required labeling.

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