Lynda McDermott, EquiPro International

Nov 03, 2007
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

Lynda McDermott
COMPANIES SHOULD NOT rely on consultants so much as use them for special and sensitive projects where a third-party perspective can be helpful and add value. A consultant's project in a company should have a clear scope of objectives and business outcomes (even for soft-skill consultants who consult on people, management, team, or organizational skills and processes).

In addition, consultants who work within the pharmaceutical industry should have in-depth knowledge of the structures and processes that guide the development, marketing, and manufacturing work in the industry. Even pharmaceutical consultants who do not work in technical fields have an advantage over more general consultants.

Generally, pharmaceutical companies are very well managed because the industry is so competitive. With the metric-driven companies I am familiar with the focus is more on strategic execution.


Companies also need to balance out their historical product orientation. Increasingly, the industry will need help with these six things:

  • Alliance management with both small and large companies
  • Cross-functional team effectiveness and alignment
  • The ability to deal with an increase in virtual global teams
  • Leadership—especially in light of heightened media scrutiny
  • Closer integration between commercial and R&D functions
  • The ability to gain the trust of healthcare providers


The work I am most familiar with is results-focused. And so the clients who benefit the most have a clear picture of what they want to see improved in their organization. We place value on partnering with us to ensure follow-up and execution.


EquiPro International is a management-consulting firm founded in 1987. Its focus is on researching the changing role of teams. It implements programs and strategies that address a spectrum of organizational behavior—from developing an organizational vision for communicating corporate goals to working with teams and individuals to improve their effectiveness. Lynda McDermott is president and founder. She can be reached at

EquiPro International
T: 212-573-9046

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