Mapping Industry's Hotbeds

Apr 01, 2002

Biospace contracted artist Terry Guyer to develop this map for Biotech Bay. The maps are part of media campaigns that encourage biotech development and attract talent to a region.
Regional economic developers have a special relationship with the biotech industry. Maturing biotech companies represent real investment, growth, and job opportunities for the regions they inhabit. To encourage development and attract talent for emerging companies, organizations such as the Biotechnology Council of New Jersey and Connecticut United for Research Excellence sponsor media campaigns that depict various regions and their resources.

The companies feature stylized maps that picture biotech and pharma companies, academic research and medicine centers, industry-related nonprofits, and service and supply companies such as contract research organizations and testing labs.

The company has identified 12 biotech hotbeds around the world, including Texas' BioTechxus, Massachusetts' Genetown, New York/New Jersey/Connecticut's Pharm Country, and Israel's BioIsrael. All organizations pay to be included on the maps, with their logos and locales, which are distributed at industry conferences, meetings, and career expos.

"The maps give a snapshot of the whole industry," says Jennifer Landras, associate director of special events at BioCon, a trade association for biotech, pharma, and medical device companies in the San Diego area.

Developed by Biospace, the maps include company profiles and highlight, a portal linking visitors to regional industry news, jobs, clinical trials, and a calendar of events.

"It's a good marketing piece for life science service providers to show potential clients that they are in the area," says Brian Vacanti, Biospace director of marketing and advertising. "And it's a good marketing piece for the bio companies to bring in job seekers and show the investment community that they are in a specific industry's hotbed."

Each map campaign runs for two years and can show the overall growth of the biotech industry. The San Francisco Bay area recently launched its seventh edition of the "Biotech Bay" map, while the original hangs on permanent display in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

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