Market Access Roadmap

Nov 01, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

Historically, many companies have had ill-defined processes for planning market research activities across their product portfolio. Market research, especially payer research, typically was planned product by product amongst the various brand teams without internal alignment efforts. This siloed planning often creates misaligned market research efforts across the company's product portfolio.

Allison Capone
The current issues with planning market access research are two-fold. First, payer research planning is often a rushed initiative after the summer budget planning process. During budget planning, employees tend to spend much of their efforts securing the necessary budget for each asset and less time strategically considering the most appropriate types of payer research. Second, there are overlaps and inconsistencies in the types and timing of payer market research commissioned across a portfolio.

Marsha Pelletier
Companies often have similar market access research requests within the same treatment setting across different assets. Ideally, the key learnings would be translated to similar assets. Pharmaceutical companies have been attempting to standardize market research throughout the product lifecycle and across their entire portfolio, and as such there is a growing need to develop a 'market access roadmap.

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