Market Pulse: Accreditation Differentiates Med Ed Offerings

Feb 01, 2002

More than 700 organizations are certified by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide such programs for healthcare professionals. Of those, 600 are mostly academic medical centers; the rest are nonacademic com-panies that characterize them-selves as either "communications" or "education" companies. Many in both categories - espec-ially in the list of "communications" companies (left) - are part of global agency networks and frequently partner with advertising and public relations agencies in executing larger marketing campaigns. Medcases recently joined the list of "education" companies with ACCME accreditation - a list that includes companies such as Harrison & Star's Health Science Communications, Medcom, and Impact Group - and is one of the few that deliver CME exclusively through the internet.

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