Materia Medica

Nov 01, 2011

Oleg Epstein, Materia Medica CEO
Materia Medica is an entirely unique venture. What started as a homeopathy company 19 years ago has become the world's first proponent of an innovative class of ultra-low-dose medicines, developed using a studied and assiduous scientific approach. Oleg Epstein, CEO, explains that Materia Medica produces "original pharmaceuticals, using nontraditional methods, but with demonstrable mechanisms of action."

The company's medicines start with the principle of ultradilution of a substance. While this has been classically dismissed as dissolving the active ingredient in a drug, Materia Medica researchers have found that the resultant substance in fact acts as a catalyst or modifier with tangible effects on the body, and their studies have demonstrated that such products can be used for treatment of even severe diseases such as chronic heart failure, stroke, diabetes, influenza, and AIDS.

Having proven efficacy in Russia, Materia Medica was successful in having the state label of 'homeopathy' removed from their products. Since then, Epstein says, the company "has a created a very strong in-house clinical department, and this year will likely be the leader in clinical studies on the Russian market—among Russian companies certainly, and perhaps among all companies on the market. For one of the company's products, if trials go as planned, it is possible that we will apply for registration with the US FDA." The enterprise is seeking to market its medicines across developing markets, as well; their brands are already widely recognized at home.

Epstein emphasizes, "In pharmacology there is a crisis in the field of new drug discovery. I think that in medicine as a whole, and in pharmacology in particular, interesting ideas are needed. Niels Bohr said that ideas must be crazy enough. Our idea is crazy enough—and at this stage, it is proven to work."

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