Pharmaceutical Executive January 2014

January 2014 | Volume 0, Issue 0
For Big Pharma, the merits of strategic focus and operational discipline are more important than ever. It is time to be decisive; muddling through is so yesterday.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Can innovation trump ideology? Russia faces a stark choice in betting on the visible hand of government in promoting a "world class" biopharmaceutical sector, writes William Looney.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Lessons to win in a shifting market dynamic
From the Editor
Pharm Exec begins its 34th year with a feature on Russia's ambitious plans to build a homegrown biopharma business. Back in 1980, the biotech industry did not exst. Drugs were still classified as chemicals, developed from the random screening of many thoughts.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Successful innovation now has to align with key metrics of value—can an old baseball metaphor help guide the way?
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Where are the biosimilars to help cut costs as the first wave of biologics, or complex, small molecule respiratory drugs, for example, go off patent? They've arrived in Europe, but the U.S. lags...
Pricing and personalized medicine are key themes shaping drug development and marketing
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