Pharmaceutical Executive January 2015

January 2015 | Volume , Issue 1
From the Editor
Five years after Editor William Looney's first Pharm Exec column, he assesses the progress of the industry since 2010 in five key performance measures.
Pharma stakeholders are putting more energy into building partnerships that can deliver high-quality care to the greatest number of people, writes Novo Nordisk’s Jesper Høiland.
Brand success can hinge on discovering the deeper motivations of customers and addressing the cognitive biases that result.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
The Canadian R&D industry, which boasts a rich history of drug innovation, celebrates a series of anniversaries.
Transparency, quality, collaboration key to filling pipelines, gaining reimbursement.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
With spending on healthcare increasing in Malaysia, access to innovative drugs remains a challenge as the country juggles its dual public-private health system.
Examining a new three-part formula to enable the supply chain function to manage market pressures while delivering on the bottom line.
Pharm Exec’s annual report highlights the key scientific, commercial, and reputational trends shaping the industry in the year ahead.
Pharm Exec profiles Sanofi EVP Pascale Witz, tagged with the assignment to move a lumbering biopharma giant closer to the embrace of the patient perspective in healthcare.
AmerisourceBergen, big Pharma’s top distribution partner, looks to build on its US success in healthcare delivery to create a global service mix focused on knowledge transfer, scale and reach, and partnered innovation.
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