Pharmaceutical Executive January 2016

January 2016 | Volume 36, Issue 1
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
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From the Editor
Pharm Exec Editor-in-Chief William Looney offers his take on the opportunities, threats, and other big issues facing the industry in the new year.
While the 1984 Act has been a boon for lower-cost generics, its goal of incentivizing new drug discovery has failed, write Traci Medford-Rosow and Peter C. Richardson.
Cures remain elusive, but regulators and industry are building ties that bind. Casey McDonald reports.
The continuing attack on industry pricing and marketing jeopardizes coverage, R&D.
Can the industry in 2016 reclaim a semblance of public approval by confronting its pricing demons and focusing on innovation and a fresh, patient-first message?
Ferring's Michel Pettigrew on finding new medical uses for peptide hormones and the company's ambitions to scale up globally by applying cutting-edge research at all stages of the product life cycle.
Al Topin lists the “seven significants” for brand planning in 2016 that pose the best chance for stable footing amid the seismic state of today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape.
Special Sponsored Section
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Confronted by a debt crisis and a stagnating economy, the government of Puerto Rico, the world’s fifth-largest pharma manufacturing producer, has turned to the healthcare industry—and life sciences in particular—for new sources of economic growth.
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