Pharmaceutical Executive March 2013

March 2013 | Volume 0, Issue 0
Country Report
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
China's pharmaceutical industry is making record gains. Four years ago, China was the world's fifth largest market. Now, it has bypassed France and Germany to become the third largest. By 2015, China will pass Japan to rival only the United States for number one.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
What can happen when reps focus on the physician-patient conversation? Al Topin reports.
Companies that adopt this new methodology will have a longstanding competitive advantage over those companies conducting business as usual.
A proactive approach to talent and organization planning is the hidden trump card in prevailing with payers.
Pressure for action on key enforcement and regulatory issues may prompt congressional action this year.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
European Commision blocks the authorization of a life-saving liver drug outside of France.
Timely engagement is the key to expanding the use of companion diagnostics.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
As small biotech firms test the water in partnerships with Big Pharma, the best calling card is a well-framed strategy on intellectual property.
Ken Getz of the Tufts University Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) explains how building a stakeholder outreach agenda around the community pharmacist can lead to a better outcome in managing the complex ins and outs of a trial protocol.
Innovation in hub program design for patient scrip data and clinical support services can lead to increased market share in the hotly contested specialty medicine space.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Chinese policies are to pose new opportunities and challenges for Big Pharma companies active in the country.
In 2012, Merck's diabetes franchise became the highest-selling product family in its 122-year history.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Big Pharma takes a fresh licking in our latest audit of US press coverage of business and policy issues.
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