Pharmaceutical Executive March 2015

March 2015 | Volume 35, Issue 3
From the Editor
Pharma jumps on board personal genomics train—at least for test drive—but will journey ultimately help transform treatment or stall out as just another fad?
Congress, Obama offer strategies to reduce regulatory roadblocks to new breakthroughs.
Last month, the HHS 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee revised America's preferred diet, saying that the amount of cholesterol consumed is not as big of a factor as previously believed.
New EU group could ultimately end up handcuffing much-needed efforts to modernize drug authorization.
How pharma can finally put true meaning behind its juiced-up jargon and turn the bluster into reality.
Pharm Exec's Casey McDonald profiles patient DNA partnering advocate 23andMe.
Pharm Exec recently convened a roundtable discussion with nine company aspirants for leadership in the hard science of small biotech.
A new PwC survey reveals a strong need to fully embrace alternative commercial methods—not in a blind frenzy but through careful evaluation of which new sales strategies have true innovative potential.
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