Pharmaceutical Executive April 2016

April 2016 | Volume 36, Issue 4
How John Wayne viewed his battles with cancer was consistent with the heroic, tough-guy persona he projected onscreen. He’s still inspiring patients today.
Limitations of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act for pharma—and three strategies to fix them.
Policymakers seek to limit prescribing while also encouraging innovative R&D.
The importance of betting on outcomes, not simply risk sharing, when implementing pharma-payer arrangements.
Why the industry needs more women in senior management roles—and the three strategies to get there. By Ian Wilcox.
Altruism and self-interest are at the heart of European thinking on neglected diseases.
The courts, pharma, and policymakers push FDA to rethink communications policy.
The practice’s emerging—if improbable—cost-saving potential.
From the Editor
The challenges facing the ad industry and big Pharma are remarkably similar—a point driven home by four distinct themes discussed at this year's 4A's Transformation conference.
European pharma is bracing itself for EFPIA’s June deadline requiring the disclosure of transfer-of-value transactions make to HCPs.
Charting two years of collaborative progress in clinical trial data sharing.
Pharm Exec profiles Roche’s Jennifer Cook, this year’s winner of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Woman of the Year award.
How the DIA, a key industry NGO, is repositioning itself as the go-to place for the independent knowledge-driven insights that drive decisions in a business with no boundaries. One world. One table. Open seating.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Egypt is not just a sun-soaked paradise defined by pyramids and tombs, or—alternatively—a hotbed for political turmoil and revolution. It’s also a vibrant and growing market for pharmaceuticals, experts contend.
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