Pharmaceutical Executive May 2015

May 2015 | Volume 35, Issue 5
From the Editor
This year's Pharm Exec Brand of the Year is a huge game-changers, but the big-picture impact will come down to pricing, distribution, and the broader goal of making sure that those patients who need the cure, get the cure, writes William Looney.
Why executives should make the US R&D tax credit part of their planning discussions.
Inspired by TV’s Mad Men, Julian Upton puts himself into a 1960 executive’s shoes to describe the 'ethical pharma' industry of half a century ago.
Insurers and payers demand lower prices—along with quality and innovation.
Tactics pharma leaders can implement to stem the continued global threat of counterfeit drugs.
Edging through the complex terrain that is health technology assessment in Europe.
We profile how Sovalda and Harvoni reversed expectations around the listless product launch and revived industry reputation for startling breakthrough innovations.
Gilead outlines its key access initiatives for its hepatitis C franchise.
William Looney speaks to expert Ed Schoonveld on what's new in the growing field of global market access.
Tapping into the fast-growing and lucrative “multicultural” segment requires new and more aggressive approaches to brand planning and consumer engagement, writes Steve Millerman.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Once focused mainly on generic medicines, Korea’s pharma sector has leveraged significant new investments in R&D to transform itself into a true player in the global market—with aspirations as a future top-tier contributor to new medicines innovation.
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