Pharmaceutical Executive June 2015

June 2015 | Volume 35, Issue 6
From the Editor
Institutionalizing the teachable moment with GENiE, a new network focused on advancing the idea that for healthcare to change, the education of its leaders must change first.
Pharma’s image is still suffering despite a rise in medical innovation. Dan Bobear offers five patient-centered strategies that could help in finally mending the gap.
Bryan Spielman outlines why China is poised for a data renaissance—one that could play a pivotal role in the next wave of pharma innovation.
New proposals from Congress to spur innovation will strain resources needed for regulatory approval.
The World Medical Innovation Forum unveils its inaugural list of breakthrough neuroscience technologies. We highlight a few here.
Following the Conservatives surprise majority win in the UK election, Leela Barham asks what does it mean for pharma?
Our annual Pharma 50 listing is clear proof that once-small and midsize biopharma companies are joining the top ranks of big Pharma.
Masters of the deal converged in New York to discuss the status of their trade and the forces propelling M&A, licensing, and partnerships in the life sciences for 2015.
What you should know about integrated delivery networks, by Kim White and Christen Buseman.
What can companies do for an encore when their own blockbuster product is threatened by branded or generic competitors?
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
With the perception of Morocco as just a local healthcare market waning, the country is focused on forging partnerships with other African nations and developing its pharma industrial base and export capabilities.
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