Pharmaceutical Executive July 2013

July 2013 | Volume 0, Issue 0
Pharma and physicians worry about getting sunburned by the Sunshine Act.
FDA wants pharma leaders to do more to ensure drug quality at home and abroad. Our Washington correspondent Jill Wechsler reports.
The lifeblood of the life sciences industry is continuous innovation—it is not a business that can survive by standing still.
Country Report
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Under the administration of President Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia is focusing on bolstering the commercial sector. Thanks to the ratification of free trade agreements with 14 countries around the world since 2011, including the United States, foreign direct investment reached a record high of COP 29 trillion (USD 16 billion) in 2012. While this is good news for the pharmaceutical industry, there is still a strong debate about how healthcare in Colombia can be improved.
From the Editor
Our lead feature this month on 15 new Emerging Pharma Leaders is a window into what makes our publication unique. In 2007, Pharm Exec began a systematic annual search to identify and highlight those men—and women—that in our purely editorial view had real prospects for a future key to the "c suite." Two of our early choices—Sanofi's Chris Viehbacher and Heather Bresch of Mylan—have made it to the very top, as CEO.
How vulnerable is Big Pharma to the predations of organized terrorist groups or that rogue malcontent with an agenda to wreak havoc on society?
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Meet the Emerging Pharma Leaders of 2013. These 15 trend setters represent the future of an industry that knows it must change: the question is how, and to what?
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