Pharmaceutical Executive July 2015

July 2015 | Volume 35, Issue 7
From the Editor
Amid the release Pharm Exec's Emerging Pharma Leaders 2015, William Looney considers what will determine true leadership in big Pharma in the years ahead.
Challenges from investment firms to biopharma patents spur the industry to action to protect its drug franchises.
FDA wants pharma to be more selective in seeking special status for promising therapies, Jill Wechsler reports.
This year’s Pharm Exec list of 17 leaders is ripe with the diversified backgrounds and skills required to advance to the “c-suite” in a new era of change for the industry.
Pharm Exec convened a panel of industry team leaders and HR specialists at St. Joseph’s University to explore best practices in three key areas.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Although questions around sustainability still cloud Peru’s transition to a modern healthcare system, there is no doubt that the country’s economic resurgence in recent years is having a positive impact on Peru’s pharmaceutical infrastructure.
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