Pharmaceutical Executive July 2016

July 2016 | Volume 36, Issue 7
From the Editor
Amid today's growing constituency of cancer survivors, oncology is testing the historic divide in medicine between what’s science and what’s social, writes William Looney.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
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A look at how Europe’s new accelerated drug approval scheme can move existing review pathways to something better—and take a page from the FDA experience as well.
Pharm Exec adds up some interesting figures from recent industry news.
Time for new pharma strategies to combat deadly drug-resistant infections.
The UK vote suddenly puts industry on a turbulent track in Europe. The many challenges and effects are outlined here.
Pharm Exec convenes a roundtable discussion with company CIOs and IMS Health to explore how to turn reams of data into meaningful insights for its users.
Pharm Exec sits down with Habib Dable, a 22-year veteran of Bayer, to discuss his first few months at the helm of the company’s US pharma operations.
As drugmakers seek engagement, patients are buried in content. Thus, quality and appealing material is a must to grab a share of the narrow bandwidths that patients possess.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
With one of the oldest populations in the world, Italy faces a daunting question: how can it protect its universal healthcare system while maintaining the country’s high quality standards for public healthcare and ensuring its survival for the next generation? Up to the challenge, Italy must now learn to do more with less.
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