Pharmaceutical Executive September 2013

September 2013 | Volume 0, Issue 0
What it takes for promotional review teams to function at their best and avoid costly mistakes.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
The Sunshine Act's Open Payments spending disclosure program is now live. The government's lead compliance officer explains how it will work.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
From the Editor
A key issue for biopharma marketers today is balancing cost and value factors around specialty biologic drugs, particularly those for cancer and other high profile, lifealtering diseases.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
What does a challenger brand need to do?
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Companies are leveraging combinations of drugs and other products to gain competitive advantage and market share.
Are electronic health records a viable channel for engagement? Ben Comer reports.
Rising costs will mean a drop in anticipated NDAs next year, reflecting an ever-longer and more costly drug-development process that is squeezing pharma investment in R&D.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
With their knowledge of molecular genetics, Pathologists are transforming the way healthcare is provided.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
By the start of 2014, industry expects to have a clearer idea of how far the US-EU free trade pact is going.
Country Report
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Ask Indonesians about a bad experience in medical care and each will have a story to tell. The poor state of Indonesia's healthcare system has turned "improving quality" into the top priority of the government of Indonesia. Better quality of care has become especially important as the fourth most populated country in the world moves forward with its plans to achieve universal healthcare coverage.
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