Pharmaceutical Executive September 2015

September 2015 | Volume 35, Issue 9
Pharmaceutical Executive September 2015
From the Editor
A closer look at this year's Industry Audit numbers hints to a clear divide between two alternative strategies for long-term growth: scale versus focus. William Looney comments.
Lev Gerlovin asks: Where is US payer formulary management heading?
Five steps companies can take to best manage and report "Sunshine"-sanctioned data. By Eileen Erdos and Michael Ricks.
Amarin ruling puts pressure on FDA to reassess marketing rules, writes Jill Wechsler.
The new generation of individualized treatments will require life sciences companies to evolve how they reach and educate the healthcare community. Matt Wallach asks, are your commercial operations up to the task?
Peter Friedman discusses five ways brand teams can find value in social media programs.
Free speech ruling, social media flap, and "female Viagra" highlighted a busy month for the Agency. Casey McDonald reports.
France is a striking example of why the EU is still only "edging towards" a genuine universal system.
The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) is advocating a “systems thinking” approach in efforts to meet increasing demands to standardize and integrate support for trial sites. Casey McDonald reports.
After a sharp spike in revenues, this year’s audit finds our 25 companies doubling down to secure the operational efficiencies that promise to better align with an increasingly tightfisted payer community.
For big Pharma, disciplined commitment to local engagement in China begins with a strong government affairs (GA) organization managed by top local talent. Here are five steps to building a world-class GA function in China.
Three key questions dominate the agency’s Breakthrough Therapy Designation program since its 2012 launch.
Pharm Exec sits down with prominent biotech investment strategist, Tony Gibney, to better gauge today’s state of play in this critically innovative segment of the life sciences industry.
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