Pharmaceutical Executive October 2014

October 2014 | Volume 0, Issue 0
New research on the role of microbes in fighting disease is transforming the way medicine views bacteria, writes Lee Jones.
Is crowdfunding an attractive alternative to finance pharma and biotech start-ups? Seth R. Ogden and M. Andrew Holtman report.
Companies gain support—and pressure—to deliver new treatments for spreading outbreak.
Pharmaceutical professionals, teams, and organizations can succeed at an elite level by tackling the tough mental challenges of Navy SEAL training.
An escalating political debate over pharma pricing and reimbursement nears the boiling point.
Inter Partes Review can potentially offer a more economical and streamlined litigation strategy for pharma and biotech players, writes David Dalke.
From the Editor
You may not realize it, but the demographic "youth skew" in America is shaping healthcare—and that's a good thing.
Professor Fabio Pammolli, a leading European economist and policy advisor to the key EU institutions, outlines the current dilemma facing health and pharma regulators in Europe today.
NICE's David Haslam discusses the UK drug watchdog's new challenge in meeting expectations around what quantitative calculations of value mean to patient access today.
Amid the continued surge in M&A activity, Michael Swanick asks, what are the crucial considerations pharma executives should weigh before sitting down at the deals table?
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