Pharmaceutical Executive October 2015

October 2015 | Volume 35, Issue 10
Pharmaceutical Executive October 2015
From the Editor
A new and more compelling strategy must be crafted to engage critics on drug pricing and bolster biopharmaceuticals as a leader in technological innovations that lower health costs overall. William Looney reports.
Savvy companies are leveraging clinical trials as competitive weapons in the larger brand wars, writes Stan Bernard.
How the Hollywood star's battle with the disease helped bring the long-misunderstood disorder out of the shadows.
Managing the nomination of new commissioner adds to a packed agenda for FDA this month, writes Jill Wechsler.
The rising focus on difficulties in swallowing tablets spells a big opportunity for pharma, writes Thomas Hein.
Adoption of joint procurement agreement signals new effort from EU to better understand drug pricing issues.
Advances in gene-editing technology have the potential to fundamentally reshape vital treatments for patients. The path of progress, however, will hinge on the ability of drugmakers to choose the right technology and partner.
With GE’s blueprint for effective IP engagement as a guide, Thaddeus Burns explains how life sciences companies are using IP as a GPS to market relevance.
Leela Barham talks with the EMA's top medical officer, Hans-Georg Eichler, about a potentially game-changing drug approval program.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
After several years on the back burner, Romania’s pharmaceutical sector appears to be enjoying a resurgence—one it hopes will catapult the country’s healthcare system on a path to sustainability over the long haul.
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