Pharmaceutical Executive November 2015

November 2015 | Volume 35, Issue 11
Pharmaceutical Executive November 2015
From the Editor
Building on our annual look at the industry's product pipeline, four key themes stand out that are driving the fast-changing environment for drug development, writes William Looney.
Examining the advantages for brand teams in leveraging independent agencies in their campaigns.
Rare disease supporters deliver inspiration and optimism—as well as promise of regulatory cooperation. Casey McDonald reports on this year's National Organization for Rare Disorders summit in Arlington, VA.
Peter Vanovertveld and Thomas Bertels outline the key steps to implementing the "patient access" model of the future.
November 11, 2015.
Eric Bernabei and Nancy Beesley describe the best approach to getting global brand campaigns to work all over the world.
Doctors, activists, politicians, and the Feds jump on price-gouging bandwagon.
Falling enterprise values and the drug pricing controversy have defined the life sciences landscape during the waning days of 2015. Casey McDonald reports.
Experts warn that if pharma doesn’t take a tighter grip on its supply chain and yank it into the 21st century, the industry could soon face distribution and logistics crises on an unprecedented scale.
Four "can't miss" strategies for successfully managing the development, launch, and commercialization of Rx-CDx pairings.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Having reached the end of a decade of marked transformation and overhaul to Turkey’s healthcare system, identifying and acting on the resulting trends, dynamics, and initiatives will be key for the Turkish pharma industry going forward.
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