Pharmaceutical Executive December 2013

December 2013 | Volume 0, Issue 0
From the Editor
New and emerging technologies are noteworthy not simply for the excellent science behind them but also for the way they expose those raw edges of the industry's business model.
A global life-cycle management strategy should be baked into a drug's initial price at launch, write Alice Swearingen and Patrick Homer.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
A patient-centric approach to drug development delivers the benefits that actually create value, writes Charlotte Vansgaard and Mikkel Brok-Kristensen.
The Agency struggles to ensure access to needed medicines while minimizing potential risks, writes Jill Wechsler.
Why do some doctors prescribe more generic drugs than others?
For Patrick Lindsay, providing decision support across the full product life cycle is no stretch goal—it's today's fact of life
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
For senior executives, meeting the requirements of a Consent Decree to the satisfaction of regulators is only half of the job.
Big Pharma and biotech continue to need each other. But biotech is feeling slightly more confident as the options for IPOs get better, writes Peter Young.
Country Report
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
"Science powers commerce," Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper remarked in 2010. In those three words, the Prime Minister summarizes a massive effort by various stakeholders to create a "brain gain" in Canada to strengthen its positioning in the world of research and technology. Despite declining investments by big pharma in recent years, the country has created a number of innovative ways to incentivize R&D and leverage its geographic reach in the North American Market.
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