Pharmaceutical Executive December 2014

December 2014 | Volume , Issue 12
From the Editor
THE CALENDAR SAYS IT'S WRAP UP TIME, not just for gifts, but for some of the trends that shaped big Pharma—for good or bad—during the past year.
How pharma companies can catch up to the requirements of the modern marketing model. By Faruk Capan.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
New ways for pharma to make sure its sales reps stay sharp amid a flood of new information and a more complex selling climate. By Duncan Lennox.
Foreign governments are enacting anti-fraud legislation as part of broader efforts to crack down on corrupt practices involving pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.
Building an effective drug forecasting model today requires a revamped approach.
Cleveland Clinic's Pick of Top 10 Advances for 2015.
The European Union is moving ahead, in its own slightly crabwise fashion, with its attempts to work out what healthcare budgets should be used for. The characteristic sideways gait results from the fact that this isn't strictly speaking an EU issue.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Once considered a healthcare backwater, Algeria's expanding pharmaceuticals market is taking the African continent by storm.
Pharm Exec profiles Express Scripts' Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Steve Miller, whose rise to prominence as an articulate critic of drug industry prices symbolizes the growing clout of America's largest pharmacy benefit manager.
Two words define the future of commercialization project management: Faster and Better
Rebecca Ashkenazy, Alex Chang, Cyndi Green, Ted Miller, and Christine de los Reyes discuss how the 3S framework - science, synergy, and survival -- can build more value in biopharmaceutical dealmaking.
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